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Kalagya is the First and Biggest National Level platform that organizes Contests and Award shows based on Acting Skills. The Founders of Kalagya are into Acting and Acting Coaching, who spent more than 15 years creating their niche in the Acting world. They have not only experienced the pain of a common artist but also carry the mission of creating a platform for similar artists

Kalagya is formed to help artists, especially those who stand out in the crowd but can’t find the perfect opportunity to flaunt their abilities. With the help of Kalagya, the citizens of India can not only showcase their strengths and skills to the whole country, but also to the ones who hire them for various assignments.

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Our vision is to identify, nurture, and boost the acting talent in all corners of the country and provide a platform to exhibit their talent and create a successful profession out of it. We help artists who can’t find the perfect opportunity to flaunt their abilities.

Kalagya's Next Superstar Audition 2023
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Kalagya takes an oath to breed acting talent into polished skill and connect it with the media industry bringing out the best-untapped talent from cities and corners of the country. Our mission is to impact 20,000 artists’ lives with career progression by end of 2023.

Founder Directors

Ruchi Dutt Kaushik

Ruchi Dutt Kaushik

CS & LLB (Winner Mrs India 2022 Queen of Substance)

Successful as a CS professional and an entrepreneur, Ruchi followed her passion of theatre & acting, having acted in many plays, short films and won titles and crowns in various beauty pageants.

Vineet Viren Chopra

Vineet Viren Chopra

Actor, Writer, and Director

It is my supreme Passion to provide that support to all artists out there in the country which I could not get in time. I have also cast actors for short films as a Casting Director.

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