Make Audition Video and send on WhatsApp 98106 69002 with your:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number and. 
  3. Email address
    within 7 days of registration.

How To Make Audition & Introduction Video

  1. The Audition & Introduction video should be picturized only in landscape mode (phone held in a horizontal position). 
  2. The videos should have the actors positioned in the center of the frame in a mid-shot distance (from the head to the waist). 
  3. The room should be well-lit with no background noise. Switch off the AC, Coolers, Fans, or any other equipment in the room causing audio interference.
  4. The actor should look a few inches away from the camera as if they are talking to another character. However, the orientation should be toward the camera. Video with side profiles will not be accepted.

How To Participate To Be Kalagya’s Next Superstar?

  1. Register yourself for the contest online
  2. Submit your self-audition video along with an introduction video
  3. Receive guidance on how to create effective Auditions for further rounds 
  4. Actors shortlisted by our Jury will be contacted for the next round
  5. Winners and finalists will create an opportunity for themselves to work in Feature Films, Ad Films, Web-Series, and Short Films

What Should Be the Content Of the Video

Introduction Video – 30 seconds

A relaxed introduction in a standing position should include your Name, Age, Height, Location (City & State), and Contact Number.

Audition Video – 60 seconds

A monologue from a film, play, or any other source. Total duration including Introduction should not be more than 90 seconds.

How to record your Video for Audition?


Kalagya will assist the participants in taking their potential to a success-path by providing them with information, guidance, experience and numerous opportunities. It will providing the best guidance beyond acting skills, including, business acumen for actor as an entrepreneur, grooming, authentic auditions, assignments and agreements, and much more. As the outcome of the contest, they will not only demonstrate their abilities and talents to the country, but also to their potential hirers for various projects to kick-start their career as an artist and stepping into the world of success.


Nominate yourself for this competition, send your audition, and we will handpick the best talent to groom them further and put them at the right platform for them to be able to get work. We will invite these chosen ones to participate in a Grand 3-Day Competition to be held in Mumbai in September 2023.


Kalagya, the premier and most incredible national platform that hosts events and award ceremonies based on Skills, is an initiative by professionals having spent over 15 years carving out a niche in the Acting world with the goal of building a platform for artists. It is looking for the ones who stand out in the crowd to help them find a perfect opportunity to flaunt their abilities to the whole nation.


The founding Directors of Kalagya are passionate about facilitating the careers of deserving artists. Those talented actors, who are passionate and work extremely hard to be in the spotlight, and at the same time, need authentic guidance to walk the path to launch their creative careers. This platform will not only ensure that first hand information is provided through interactions with the Jury Members, but also gives an opportunity for the aspiring actors to hear the experience of these experts who have already walked that road. This information to “trickle down to the small-town-wanna-be-actor in each corner of the nation” is the objective behind this initiative.

What Does The Contest Offer

The shortlisted participants will interact with Actors, Filmmakers and Casting Directors hearing their stories, experiences and tips. Moreover, the final round will also be judged by these experienced professionals from the industry

The actors will perform and get feedback from Casting Directors and Filmmakers in the Jury. They will share tips to improve their performances.

Workshops and Masterclasses will be organized for the shortlisted candidates before their final performance in front of the jury. These workshops & Masterclasses will be oriented towards auditions in different capacities including acting for Films & Ad Films.

Audition recording training will be conducted including introduction methods. This will also include creating an effective acting profile including a Text Profile, Pictures & Introduction Video for auditions.

All of us are different from each other. We all have strengths and some improvement areas for being a good professional actor. Each shortlisted candidate will be given a personalized consulting based on their individual strengths and development area.

The first impression is very important for an actor. The first 15 seconds decide a lot about the impression an actor makes on their audience including casting & guidance on their appearance and attire giving them the edge over others to make an impression.


Self-Management through fitness and mindfulness will help the actor keep their mind, body, and soul healthy and active.

A successful actor is supposed to be a good businessman, selling their own profile each time in a subtle manner. The participants will not only learn the art of finding work opportunities through auditions, but also expertise around agreements, authentic auditions, interpersonal skills and other business acumen skills.