5 things you can do advance your acting career

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5 things you can do advance your acting career

5 things you can do advance your acting career

5 things you can do straight away to advance your acting career

At four in the morning, as you’re ready to fall asleep, one of those intrusive little ideas that asks, “Have you done enough for your acting career today?” pops into your head. It may be hard to silence that small voice, and I doubt there is an actor alive who hasn’t experienced it. So, to assist you to stop having those pesky 4 a.m. thoughts, here are 5 things you can do today to advance your acting career.

  1. Make a Target List / Photographer Spreadsheet.

It might be challenging to remember which theatre companies’ casting newsletters you signed up for, the casting directors you auditioned for, and when, which agents and managers you sent your materials to.

A list of contacts should include their name, title (agent, casting director, etc.), company information, date of last contact (month and year are sufficient if you can’t recall the exact day), and any pertinent notes (e.g., “does not accept unsolicited submissions,”.

  1. Submit Your Own Work

If you are represented, you are probably already being considered for projects. However, you may be your own advocate by putting yourself forward for tasks you’re qualified for if you don’t have an agent or manager on your side.

Making sure your information is up to date is also a part of this. Spend time ensuring that all of your connections function properly and route you where you need to go; that all your resources are easily available and up to date; that all your unique skills are accounted for; and that your size chart is as accurate as possible.

  1. Read a chapter of a book on acting.

Several studies have proven that reading a book before bed has several benefits, including stress alleviation, greater empathy, and long-term impacts on cognition.

Isn’t it preferable to sleep with a head full of newfound knowledge and inspiration than social media stats? Go forth and fantasize about animal exercises and other useful things to aid you in your acting adventure!

  1. Acquire an accountability partner

Do you intend to engage in daily sensory training and relaxation for at least 30 minutes? Do you desire to formally get representation?

An accountability partner may assist you in staying on track, and you can reciprocate for them. As actors, it’s critical that we foster a network of other creatives to support us on our journey. You may simultaneously advance two jobs by spending a brief amount of time checking in with an accountability partner. You can rest easy at night knowing someone is rooting for you, and they can relax knowing you’re doing the same for them.

  1. Research Your Segment

It’s critical to continually stay up to date with new developments in this sector. Having the appropriate tools for the job is the best approach to do it. The free app Clubhouse provides many chatrooms for actors to engage in conversation on a variety of subjects, including the business of acting, mindfulness for actors, and headshot tactics and tips.

When those bothersome 4 am thoughts challenge you, “Did you accomplish enough for your acting profession today?” you can confidently respond, “Yes. I did,” by incorporating five simple, manageable actions into your everyday life.


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