Why Criticism Is Valuable

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Why Criticism Is Valuable

Why Criticism Is Valuable

Why Criticism Is Valuable

Why pretend otherwise if the production was uninspiring or the performers incompetent?

We live in a time when being critical is viewed as sarcastic and nasty and when we are expected to be “positive.” However, there’s nothing wrong with real, accurate, and insightful criticism. In reality, it’s advantageous since you are effectively encouraging improvement by stating that the work may be better than it now is (And who knows, the listener could take your critique and act on it).

Criticism may also refer to an expression of disapproval. When criticism of this nature is constructive it can make an individual aware of gaps in their understanding and it can provide distinct routes for improvement

Of course, no one wants to have their work criticised, but how constructive is it to tell someone that their work is fantastic when, in reality, we believe it to be weak? Moreover, since there is no actual possibility of offending the individuals in the issue if we don’t know them, speaking up is made easier. However, when a piece of work is praised by critics, there is a temptation to just accept the praise—even if we disagree—because it makes life simpler. Instead, we should fight this urge and present a case for our own viewpoint.

It takes real leadership to criticise when it is simpler to lie. Being honest puts you at risk for being disliked, but in the end, you are taking a risk by making an argument for the culture, the job, and the lifestyle you want to pursue.

A failure to accept responsibility is the refusal to criticise, the refusal to take a position, and the constant agreement with everyone.

Both personal and professional success depends on being able to take criticism in your stride. The ability to hear and truly listen to people’s opinions, even when they’re negative, improves relationships, academic performance, and negotiating abilities.

“The only way I can move past the absurdity of what I do, is to commit to the point of absurdity.” – Jake Gyllenhaal


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